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Understand the Cemetery Regulations

This is absolutely the first step in choosing your memorial.  Similar to homeowner’s associations, all cemeteries have rules and regulations concerning the style and size of memorials placed on their grounds.  Some only allow lawn level grass markers, others require a minimum number of lots depending on the width of the base.  Some have height restrictions.  Although your local monument dealer will most likely be familiar with the rules and regulations of the destination cemetery, it is a very good idea for you to have a clear understanding of your plot(s) dimensions and any restrictions the cemetery may have.


Knowledge of cemetery size, shape, and style limitations is critical in selecting the perfect memorial.


Click Here for a listing of Local Cemetery Contacts.

Now that there is a clear understanding of what can and cannot be placed in the cemetery, the next choice is usually whether the memorial will be for an individual or will represent a married couple or even a family.  The  constraining factor in this is typically the width of the plot/plots and therefore the base width of the memorial(s).


Families may have 4-6 plots whereby individual stones may memorialize each person, or it may be their desire to celebrate the family as a unit and collectively erect a single large monument honoring that relationship.


Should your cemetery place no height restrictions on upright monuments you now have the choice of memorializing anywhere from 6 inches in height (called a BEVEL) all the way up to a sky scraping obelisk.  Again the main restricting factor, outside of budget, will most likely be the width of the plot(s) which will determine the width of the base on  which most uprights depend.


Grass markers can still be adorned with images, laser etchings, and decorative artwork, but upright stones will offer a far greater opportunity for variation and creativity.



Upright memorials come in a wide variety of shapes.  Perhaps more than you ever expected.  From traditional serp  tops and round tops to custom shapes you imagined yourself.  Want a memorial in the shape of your native state?  It  can be done.  In the shape of a cowboy boot, lego block, giant book?  Imagination is the primary limitation when it comes to shape.


Literally dozens of colors to choose from, mined from all over the world.  Here are some of the most popular.

There are 3 primary finishes to a granite memorial.



The stone, when cut to size results in a “sawn sides” finish which as you might expect is little more than the         smooth surface of the granite itself.



Granite surfaces can be “polished” into a smooth, glassy finish which lends to a very attractive refined appearance.        Oftentimes, depending on the color of the granite, the polish will cause the sun to reflect and shimmer off the monument.



Chiseled by hand to give a more balanced “natural” finish to the stone.  Although rough, there is an aesthetic symmetry to sides and a definite unmatched uniqueness to the monument.


There are 2 primary elements to consider when choosing your fonts.  The first is the style of font itself, and the second is the font finish.   Here is a list of some of the most popular memorial fonts, but original fonts can actually be created if that is something you would choose to have.



Standard text cut into the stone.


The letters are carved with a standard V-Cut, while the stone immediately surrounding each letter is polished to  a  shine.  Typically there is a frosted panel surrounding the text which makes the polished edge “pop” from contrast.


The letters are formed by “skinning away the polished granite” which provides a contrasting natural stone finish.  This process is also know as Frosting.   This is used on our Laser Engraved monuments


The letters are formed by Frosting/Skinning the polished granite while sandblasting a V-cut outline around each letter.


The letters remain polished granite while the surrounding stone is frosted for contrast with a V-cut outline around each letter.


The letters are V-Cut into the granite and then the surrounding edges of each letter is frosted against a polished background.


For greater contrast between lettering, carvings and the surrounding stone, there is a process called tinting, which is similar to painting the stone with a silver, black, gold, tint.


We have catalogues of hundreds if not thousands of different artworks that can be carved into the stone.  From nature settings, to hobbies, to military insignia, trade emblems, religious symbols, animals, vehicles and more...  There is bound to be a perfect graphic to honor your loved one.  Here are just a tiny representation of what can be done.


Images can be inset into the memorial on durable, non-fading porcelain tiles.


A fantastic alternative to sand-carved memorials are laser etchings on black granite.  Choose an image from an extensive library or have a custom setting created for you.


Each design in our exclusive section can be interchanged with one another.  As well as each element can be moved and rearranged to make the design fit your needs.  Real photos can be added to the designs to create an even more personalized design.  You are only limited by your imagination.

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